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ML in St. Eustache, QC
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That would be me, Monsieurmaggot. Monsieurmaggot is my Internet moniker. My real name is Gerry.

This story dates back to early in 2006 when I was shopping around for a new car.

Like most everyone, I kept my options open and conscientiously made an effort to check out every mainstream car manufacturer before I decided on a particular model.

Being the owner of two-seaters or sedans, I've always cursed myself for not having enough cargo room. I didn't want a pickup truck or an SUV. Besides, the real SUVs used too much gas and those that didn't were either too small or underpowered. I decided I wanted a station wagon since I couldn't imagine myself in a minivan. I live in a hilly area and wanted 4 wheel or AWD, ABS, traction control and brake force distribution. That narrowed the market considerably.

It became evident that what I wanted was available in the Subaru Outback. Unfortunately I found out that in order to get those options, I needed to buy a higher-end Subaru. Like everyone I priced a model that was suitably optioned but wasn't prepared to pay $50,000+ for the model I was after. At that point I was resigned to looking at other models. I thought that I'd need to settle on something cheaper or less desirable features would need to be dropped.

It's at that point, I believe fate played it's hand and entered into the scenario. I was lucky enough to have a few local GTA dealers turn down my offer of $51,000. One offered to absorb the PDI of $1495. That was very nice of him. If they had accepted my offer, you wouldn't be reading this now and my monster thread at Redflagdeals may have never happened.

In any event, the same week I was looking to change my options, I stumbled on a Globe And Mail article that indicated that car prices in Canada were on average 17% higher than in the US.

It then became a cause for me. I started questioning why PDI on a Subarus was $850 more in Canada. The dealer told me it was for "duty" another said it was for "import taxes". I questioned why some wouldn't give me a price until I provided a credit card?

That's why I got suspicious and why this website all began....

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