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Calais Maine / St. Stephen New Brunswick Crossing

You need to physically deliver (couriers accepted) original Certicate of Origin and two copies of the bill of sale to:
3 Customs Street Calais, ME 04619.
Faxes are NOT accepted. Open 24/7. Contact them at (207) 454-3621.

Montana crossing at Sweetgrass

Send documents to Port Of Entry-Whitlash, MT
General Fax: (406) 432-5528. Provide MCO, bill of sale and any related paperwork.
Documents have to arrive 72 hours before export.
General Phone: (406) 432-5522 to confirm reception of documents. They will also confirm when vehicle is ready for export.
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Washington Blaine crossing

DO NOT CALL, email or fax documents only.

Vehicle Export Office
Phone: 360-332-2632
Fax: 360-332-2639
Operational Hours: 0800 - 1530 PT
Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

ONLY fax to (360)332-2639

Location of export office, exit on the I-5 on truck crossing. Anything else you will be heading straight to Canadian border.

Quebec crossing at Lacolle
(also applies to Philipsburg / Highgate Springs crossing)

Documents needed for vehicle exportation: Original certificate of title, 1 complete photocopy (front and back) of title and a copy of the bill of sale. 72 business hours (3 business days) wait prior for the export process.

Faxed documents are not accepted.
You can contact them for more information.
1515 East Service Road,
Champlain, NY 12919
Office open Monday to Friday, 0600 - 2200ET
General Phone: (518) 298-8335
They enforce the 72hrs processing timetable.

Queenston/Lewiston (Lewiston Bridge Cargo Facility) crossing

This is the only crossing on the Niagara River (between Ontario and New York) that can process both exports from the US and imports to Canada. The US side only processes cars Monday to Friday 0800 - 1600ET. Canada Customs can process cars 24/7. US Customs will accept faxed documents 72 hours prior to export. The US export office is the first building on the left as you leave the US but requires you to cross 12 inspection lanes coming toward you. Google Maps view of US Customs export office at Queenston/Lewiston bridge

Contact them by phone: (716) 843.8359
E-mail: CBP personnel will confirm receipt of your email and provide additional instructions if required
Before you leave the US with your vehicle, you must ensure that the vehicle is properly exported. US Customs requires all documentation to be submitted at least 72 hours before you intend to export your vehicle. At this point US Customs ensures the vehicle is not stolen or has any liens against it. Once you are cleared, the ownership paperwork will be cross-checked for accuracy and stamped for export by US Customs. While Canada Customs checks for the US Customs export paperwork, many consumers have reported this step is routinely bypassed by Canada Customs agents. In other cases, the importer was turned back to the US. It's best to ensure your vehicle is properly documented for export.

Most Canadian ground-based ports of entry permit vehicle importation 24/7 but some US Customs facilities only permit exports during certain business hours.

Note, this list is subject to change. For the most current list check this the US Customs site

Please contact the US Customs office where you wish to cross with any updated requirements.
The Vehicle Export Offices are typically closed on Federal Holidays and weekends

The most popular crossings include: