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Running out of internal hard drive space on your Cisco/Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR/DVR? In 15 minutes you can add up to 500 GBs of storage.
"Thanks for your help Monsieurmaggot. I was ready to throw out my monitor unit I came upon your website. Thanks for saving me some cash"

JC in Victoria, BC
It's just human nature. We all want a deal. We like to boast about how much we saved. The vendors like to boast on how much they got off an unsuspecting consumer. Even if these tips don't save you any cash, you will be a better informed consumer.
There is a common problem plaguing many Samsung LCD computer displays: The dreaded "Not Optimum Mode Recommended resolution: 1280x1024 60Hz" error. In a few minutes and for less than a dollar, The Fix Is In!
Last year I didn't know the first thing about web designs, now I'm publishing content with CoffeCup software. Don't laugh, it truly has a WYSIWYG interface.