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It’s an exciting time. I’ve been motivated to register a domain and set up a website so you can get a full Monsieurmaggot experience.

Sure I rant, but I also have some insight on basic “Do it yourself” projects that could add space to your PVR/DVR or for under $1 how you can fix your Samsung monitor that displays “Not Optimum Resolution” error that plagues many Samsung LCD displays.

I’ve been blogging and commenting on sites for years. My comments generated literally millions of reads to some popular web sites.

In many cases my comments were edited, modified or simply removed altogether. Here I can say whatever I like without any concern of censorship.

Gas prices, US auto importing, fair pricing are all options open to discussion.

I’ve blogged on someone else’s site. Now I’m taking it all to one centralized location.

I messed around with simple HTML and web design a few years ago and built my first website. It served me well. Sure, it's looking a bit tired and dated after all these years but I'm still getting hundreds of hits per day particularly relating to visits that head directly to the US auto importing information pages. Clearly the content is the value.

There so much to read about and see.

Let's get started...
"Monsieurmaggot, you never cease to amaze me. Who would have imagined the impact a few choice words would make".

KB from Toronto, ON
So many people ask for help or information on importing cars from the US. There are a lot of forces in place set up to disillusion and confuse the issue. Once you realize just how easy it is to do, you could save yourself literally thousands of your hard earned dollars. Some folks have saved even more.
Gas price fixing. Fact or Fiction?
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The truth about HDMI cables. Imagine some retailers charging upwards of 600% markup on HDTV's HDMI cables. It's true.